Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Space Invaders Handheld

This is my newest handheld i just got. Its a port of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. It was made by basicfun. They have a website with more of there toys and handhelds. Website

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sears Tele-games - Atari VCS (2600)

The Atari VCS (2600) was so huge that other people wanted in as well. One of these people was Sears of all people! Sears bought licence from atari to rebrand the Atari VCS as The Tele-games Video Arcade. The story i heard was Atari could not make systems fast enough to meet the market demand , and Sears ended up fixing that problem.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Atari 2600 ( TW version

I scored this 2600 with the other trackball ( see 2600 trackball post ) and a set of paddle controllers. This 2600 is in great shape and the iphone camera does not do it justice. Serial numbered in the billions it is , from what i understand , one of the last of this series. I originally pick this system up to do a composite video mod to , but do to the amazing condition and the late serial number i left her in tacked. This is my only Taiwanese made 2600 so i feal i should keep it in original condition.
  I have included all the cords and adapters in the picture that I personally use to hook up my vintage systems. I will post about what to get and what they are with links ( don't use them , the prices are shit!! )
. They will give you all the info you need to go to radio shack and get what you need

Atari Trackballs

These are my Atari 2600 trackballs. The reason I have two of them is that the box art is different than that actual trackball. When I saw the second one I thought it was a different controller altogether. Guess I should have taken the first one out of the box before buying a second.

Intellivision Games

This is my collection of Intellivision Games. I actually got all of them before I ever got an Intellivision system.
About half of them i got in a box of Atari games when I purchased my 7800 Pro System. The rest I traded a friend for who also did not own a system. My Game collection for Intellivision: Lock'n'Chase , BurgerTime , Auto Racing , Loco-Motion , Advanced Dungeons & Dragons , Utopia , Tennis , Sea Battle , Star Strike , Thunder Castle , Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack , NFL Football , Night Stalker , Armor Battle , Astrosmash , Demon Attack , and Atlantis.

Race Car Handheld

This is a Odd little handheld i pick up on e-bay a couple of years back. When i saw it and that it was going for about 5 USD, i just couldn't help my self. It works as a pull back race car and a handheld game. The games are sort of cool having the screens right on the cartridges. I have no information on who makes this handheld as it has no stamping or labels. The 5 it came with are : Baseball Challenge First , Sky Battle , The King Of Fighters , Championship on The Sea , and Race No.1

Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Random handhelds

Theres are a bunch of randoms i have that i was packing up. i will add more information later on about each one but this is what you get for now

my tiger handhelds

My old school tiger handhelds . Everyone back in the day played these, gameboys were expensive !!

Songhao Handhelds

These are my Songhao handhelds they are New but just like old school tiger electronics games. Who didn't play those once or twice as a kid.