Monday, July 8, 2013

Atari 2600 ( TW version

I scored this 2600 with the other trackball ( see 2600 trackball post ) and a set of paddle controllers. This 2600 is in great shape and the iphone camera does not do it justice. Serial numbered in the billions it is , from what i understand , one of the last of this series. I originally pick this system up to do a composite video mod to , but do to the amazing condition and the late serial number i left her in tacked. This is my only Taiwanese made 2600 so i feal i should keep it in original condition.
  I have included all the cords and adapters in the picture that I personally use to hook up my vintage systems. I will post about what to get and what they are with links ( don't use them , the prices are shit!! )
. They will give you all the info you need to go to radio shack and get what you need

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